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Skull'Rz Bane

Northeast Ohio's Premier Original LIVE Party Band!



Skull'Rz Bane: 
       The areas most hard hitting, in your face, POWER DUO.
         If you like heavy hitting guitar, thumping drums, power screaming and a lyrical content that will make you think, "No doubt". You'll love Skull'Rz Bane.
Their stage presence is second to none when you have singer/guitarist Drew Johnson strolling from one end of the stage to a platform designed for special effects of fog and lights that only he can control.
Then you have the hard hitting, head banging drummer Rox Johnson with her power screaming that would wake you from any nightmare.
When you add the lights and visual effects along with fog machines and heart pounding sound, you know it's going to be a treat for the duration of the show.
Skull'Rz Bane has gone on to play in OH, PA, WV, NH, MA, DE and SC. 
 Recently Skull'Rz Bane has broadened their horizon and are currently doing an acoustic act as well. They are  Skull'Rz Bane's Sweet Sacrifice. 
 The Hard Rock Cafe in Pittsburgh, PA. was only their second time playing their acoustic set in front of a crowd and they opened for none other than Glen Matlock from the Sex Pistols and Sylvain Sylvain from the New York Dolls. 
 With the rhythm and style of the the acoustic sound along with the harmonies of a father/daughter duo, leaves you wanting to hear more. The lyrics have deep meaning and they take you to a different place.
These are the sounds of Skull'Rz Bane's Sweet Sacrifice.